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What is a Beaver in Backgammon? A Guide to Understanding the Rules in New Zealand

Board game of backgammon.

If you’re an avid backgammon player, you may have heard the term “beaver” thrown around in tournament play. But what is a beaver in backgammon, and why is it such a critical move?

What is a Beaver in Backgammon?

Essentially, a beaver is a strategic play where a player doubles their opponent’s bet, and the opponent accepts. But instead of waiting for the next turn to double again, the player who made the first double can immediately counter with another double of their own. This results in the stakes being quadrupled, making the game much more exciting and intense.

How Does a Beaver Impact the Game?

Understanding the power of the beaver move is essential to playing backgammon at a high level. It is one of the game’s unique features and can have a significant impact on the game’s outcome. The beaver can be used as a way to intimidate an opponent or as a way to increase the stakes to a level where the opponent is no longer willing to take the risk.

Other Relevant Backgammon Terminologies in New Zealand

Backgammon is a game with a rich history and a unique set of terminology that can be confusing to new players. Understanding these terms is essential to becoming a skilled player. Here are some other relevant backgammon terminologies to know.

  • Bearing off: This term refers to the process of removing your checkers from the board once they have reached your home board.
  • Bar point: The bar point is the midpoint on the board, where players must re-enter their checkers if they have been hit.
  • Crawford’s rule: In tournament play, the Crawford rule states that if one player is just one point away from winning the match, the following game is played without the doubling cube.
  • Doubling cube: The doubling cube is a cube with the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 printed on its faces. It is used to increase the stakes of the game and is a critical part of backgammon strategy.

Understanding backgammon terminologies is essential to playing the game at a high level. Each term has a unique meaning and is critical in backgammon strategy and gameplay.

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